Final Words

Work-Life Balance

Today’s decision makers must reach beyond typical amenities in order to attract and retain the best talent. Luckily, creature comforts of all scales can be incorporated into work life to provide convenience and a sense of delight. What’s more, many of these can be implemented without the cost of new physical amenities.

Photo by Building Robotics, Inc.
Photo by Building Robotics, Inc.

The Red Door At Work offers time-saving office perks with quick and convenient conference room salon services and cashless ease — booking, payment, and tipping is all done online. Schedule a quick manicure or opt for a “Powerpoint Massage.”

Amazon Locker decouples deliveries from the front door, freeing up customers waiting for home delivery or having a parade of online purchases arrive at the office front desk. These locations are not just confined to convenience stores. Add a locker to your building and occupants will thank you.

Pets in the workplace reportedly leave employees less stressed, provide opportunities for mental breaks, and accommodate those who work long hours. Large campuses and buildings have tapped into this, offering doggie daycare on site. Worth considering as you ponder a pet policy — millennials are soon to surpass boomers as the largest pet-owning generation.

Research shows office workers perform best when they have control over their physical environment. Comfy is a smartphone app that allows occupants to request one of the following: “Warm My Space, Cool My Space, or I’m Comfy.” It then sends a blast of hot or cool air to their area. Satisfaction – priceless.

When you consider the needs of employees in your workplace, workers are happier and business success is bound to follow.